Four Simple Ways Leather Patches Can Personalize Apparel

Fundraiser Caps

You may have heard, seen, or even purchased different caps and apparel sold to raise awareness for different charities and foundations. Perhaps the best approach to buying and selling apparel while supporting local causes is through utilizing our custom, detailed and designed leather patches. Our leather patches are etched into each of our products with careful care and precision, making them perfect for creative designs and messages. Caps and beanies also serve as ideal apparel to pair with these leather patches because they offer a wide variety of colors, styles, and designs.

Team Jackets

Give your athletic wear a classic new look.With the trend of athleisure blending more athletic styles into everyday attire, wearing team logos off the field has never been easier. With our high-quality, stitched leather, these patches can highlight different personalized designs all while enduring the wear and tear of a regular travel season.

Company Uniforms

Brand recognition is essential in building a community of customers who associate your logo with your company’s reputation. Oftentimes, company uniforms serve as the first impression. With our leather patches crafted to feature quality, creative designs and logos, employee uniforms can appear more sleek, stylish, and professional. No matter the type of uniform or apparel, these leather patches can help establish a recognizable brand that resonates with customers. Whether these brand logos be large or small, leather imprinted designs will go a long way in creating an overall polished and professional uniform.

Personal Style

Sometimes function and fashion can serve the same purpose. Whether you hope to create a collection of self-designed leather patches to infuse into your apparel or you’re simply searching to amplify your attire, leather patches provide a great opportunity to reinvent your favorite looks into something more personal.

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