Faux vs. Real Leather: How to Find the Right Material for your Lifestyle

If you live a vegan lifestyle or simply prefer to avoid real leather, faux or synthetic leather is a perfect option to substitute the classic aesthetic for a high-quality option. While faux or fake leather may hold the stigma of being cheaper or a “knock-off” option, synthetic leather actually provides several benefits worth considering when deciding which material suits your lifestyle best.


Many choose to opt for vegan or faux leather simply to show their support towards anti-animal cruelty apparel. Choosing a product that’s cruelty free also ensures color dyes and chemicals are not tested on animals before being applied to products. Since faux leather looks almost identical to real leather, choosing cruelty-free apparel is simply, easy, and helps you keep a happy conscience.

More Durability

While some prefer real leather because it’s less likely to rip and tear, the truth is faux leather actually provides a high level of durability. Faux leather is better sealed against UV exposure from the sun and is less likely to fade, crack or peel as a result. Since faux leather retains little to no moisture, stains from rain and water are less likely to occur as well. The non-porous material of faux leather also makes the textile easy to clean and maintain. A simple wet cloth will clean most faux leather. Although real leather offers more breathability in it’s fabric, the high durability and easy maintenance of faux leather will help the apparel stand the test of time.

Higher Designability

Since faux leather is made from synthetic fabrics and materials, dying and coloring faux leather is simple and gives vibrant results. Different shades and mixtures are easier to achieve with faux leather, which means most designs are easy to execute. Faux leather also offers the advantage of being easier to cut, sew, and design, which means the needle and thread marks of these apparel pieces are less noticeable and more intact. So while genuine leather may appeal in its classic look, faux leather provides an ability to amplify and recreate this aesthetic into a more reliable and sustainable look.

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